So why CLUTCH?

We prayed about a text that would encapsulate the mission of CLUTCH. And we discovered 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

"...holding on to that which is good."

As ministry wives, life can be very challenging. Struggling to make ends meet, trying to snatch bits of family time, keeping our sanity as we live a life focused on serving others and meeting their needs - it can all be very overwhelming.

But it is deeply rewarding too. And satisfying. And full of surprises.

Ministry life isn't the same as it used to be. And with a new generation come new needs and new horizons.

CLUTCH is about holding on to the good stuff. About clinging tightly to what we know God has called us to do: support our husbands, raise our children, follow after His own heart.

And besides that, the word has some very cool meanings. At CLUTCH we hope to inspire you to:

CLING tightly to God's plan, with
CLASS and style, and personality, all of us
CHICKS in the same generation.