The following books are written by ministry wives/ministers for ministry wives:

High Calling, High Privilege, Gail McDonald

Married To a Pastor's Wife, H. B. London

She Can't Even Play the Piano, Joyce Williams

I'll Have What She's Having, Bobby Houston

Heart 2 Heart With Pastors' Wives, Lynne Dugan

Lose the Halo, Keep the Wings, Virginia Wilson

Being a Minister's Wife and Being Yourself, Nancy Pannell

Married to a Pastor, H. B. London

Renewal on the Run, Jill Briscoe

Help, I'm a Minister's Wife, Tina Wright

I'm More Than a Pastor's Wife, Lorna Dobson

After the Boxes Are Unpacked, Susan Miller

It's Personal, Teresa Sallee

You Can Be a Minister's Wife and Still Be a Christian, Betty Stallard

Devotions for Ministry Wives, Barbara Hughes

A Handbook for Ministers' Wives, Dorothy Kelley Patterson

How to be a Minister's Wife and Love It, Alice Taylor

Counsel for Pastors' Wives, Diane Langberg

Why I Stayed, Gayle Haggard

In Our Shoes, Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Landrith

From One Ministry Wife to Another, Susie Hawkins

You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes, Lisa McKay

Warning to Ministers and Their Wives, Dr. Betty R. Price

The Ministry & Myths of the First Lady, Clifford E. Turner, PhD