Memoriam for Franklin Isaac Hall

Isaac Hall dedicated his brief life to loving people and sharing the true message of God. Isaac was raised in a strong Christian home and accepted Jesus into his heart at an early age. As a kid, he loved going to church camp and it greatly influenced his future. Even as a camper, he began ministering to his peers and helping them to seek Jesus. He encouraged his friends each year to join him at camp. He received his calling at camp as well. Once he no longer could be a camper, he was a worker at camp. He touched many lives and looked forward to this every year. He worked as a youth minister before joining the pastoral staff at Grace Chapel in Taylorsville. He was even invited to be on the youth ministry team in his area. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered.
Camping ministry was one of his greatest passions. The family has asked if you would like to make a donation, they would like it to be made to the camping ministry, to see Isaac's passion continued through the lives of others.