About Us

The purpose of this team is to serve in an administrative manner for Biblical stewardship/trusteeship, developing financial structures and systems for accountability and transparency in the general administration of State Office operations for the Churches of God of Prophecy in Kentucky. They officially serve as the KY-COGOP LLC Board of Directors.

Bishop Jeff WhiteBishop Jeff White
Office Phone: (270) 900-1956
Email: jeffreywhite1@mac.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.white.9275

Nathan BaizeNathan Baize
Cell Phone: (270) 543-4461
Home Phone: 270-525-3710
Email: nebaize4461@yahoo.net

Carol BakerCarol Baker
Cell Phone: 270.766.7457
Office Phone: 270-900-1956
Home Phone: 270.769.3525
Email: kycogop@comcast.net

Willard EstepWillard Estep
Cell Phone: 606.663.4317
Home Phone: 270.362.9307
Email: willardestep@bellsouth.net

David PateDavid Pate
Cell Phone: 502.543.7737
Email: davidpate2000@yahoo.com

Jeri RileyJeri Riley
Cell Phone: 859.200.0319
Home Phone: 859.497.3049
Email: jriley@bechtel.com

Roy SmithRoy Smith
Cell Phone: 270.589.0521
Office Phone: 270-259-5684
Home Phone: 270.259.6668
Email: roy.smith@rlsci.com

Doug SpainhowerDoug Spainhower
Cell Phone: 270.307.0592
Email: readls@hotmail.com